3 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Denike Sold

According to Realtor.com, a home spends approximately 92 days on the market. How long has your home been for sale? Here are 3 reasons why your home may be on the market for more than the average 92 days.

Price – Have you correctly valued the selling price of your home. If you house is priced way over the value, it may not show up when a pontential buyer is searching for a new home. DeNike Realty will give you a free market analysis to get a better understanding of the selling prices of the homes around you and how much you should expect to sell your home.

Clean Out The Clutter! When a home is cluttered it makes it feel smaller. If you have to, rent a storage unit to store some of the items you are not using or are just taking up space. An even better idea is to have a yard sale and make some money off of these items. Potential home buyers want to be able to imagine their items in your home – make it easy for them!

What Types of repairs are needed? Most buyers can overlook cosmetic issues like the need for new paint or carpet. But if the home needs a new roof, AC unit or other expensive repairs, you may want to consider doing the repairs before you put the house on the market. Not many people like to buy a home and then pay more money for repairs.

Bonus Tip – Make sure your home has curb appeal – mow the lawn, add some flowers in your flower beds and maybe even paint the front door. This is the first thing a potential buy will see as they enter your home.


Having the right real estate agent can help you make the right decisions to get the most for your home. You will buy and sell a new home a few times in your life – but they do it all the time. Take advantage of their knowledge and it can be a lot easier to sell your home!